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Our Mission

SSI Partners’ mission is to help our clients get the most from Smart Service Innovation.
We help service organizations maximize revenue opportunities and increase customer intimacy with innovative and differentiated Smart Service offerings.

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Read our Smart Service FAQ. It has answers to the most common questions about Smart Service.

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Recent Articles

February 2009 - AFSMI Sbusiness Journal Winter 2009

Service Transformation - Shifting the Distribution of Skills Within the Service Organization

Traditional models of service delivery don’t cut it anymore. There aren’t enough skilled technicians to go around. Even if there were, they would be too expensive. Equipment service organizations will have to dramatically change to compete. They need to “transform.”  Remote service technologies enable this transformation. Read more...


March 2008 - AFSMI Sbusiness Journal Winter 2008

Making the Case for Smart Services

To build the business case for remote services on ROI alone is to sit on a one-legged stool. The service tool aspect of remote service is important but, by itself, it ignores the value creation aspect of Smart Services. Read more...



Fall 2007 - Harbor Research Currents Newsletter

Enabling the Channel for remote service

Remote service enables equipment manufacturers to have better insight into service intelligence while at the same time, enabling the sales & service channel to be better equipped for service delivery. Read more...

Why SSI Partners?

SSI Partners, LLC is most experienced at creating smart service offerings that are valuable to your customers and your organization.

Our Experience

We have worked with market leading product service organizations in healthcare, life sciences, hi-tech, and industrial.

Our clients have received award recognition for their Smart Service programs.


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