Top 10 Signs You Are Already Sitting on a Smart Service Goldmine

There is a big difference in using remote service technology as a support tool versus a value creation platform. Most equipment companies see remote service as only addressing the break/fix needs of the support group.

It is an uninformed and shortsighted point of view. That is, unless you are only interested in having the equivalent of a long screwdriver to support your products in the field and there is no pressure to grow the business.

Here is a list of signs that indicate there is untapped value in the installed base. I’m not saying Smart Service is the only way to exploit that value. There are indeed many ways to do it.

I am saying however, that using remote service technology to create “Smart Services” happens to be one way that scales very well.

  1. The cost of owning your products are at least 6 to 8 times more than its purchase price
  2. Your customer is required to maintain records on equipment operations and maintenance
  3. You know how to run your customer’s operation better than they do
  4. There is a skills attrition problem among your customers
  5. Your customer wants but cannot afford their own performance management tools
  6. You customer could benefit from analysis of the data produced by the equipment they use
  7. Downtime is expensive
  8. You as the service provider can increase equipment uptime not only from fixing it faster, but also through proper configuration management and operator usage
  9. More than 10% of support calls are operators not knowing how to perform or complete a task
  10. If you improved your customer’s productivity, they could quantify the revenue gains

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